A new legion of environment friendly buses has arrived in India

A tenth of India's greenhouse gas emissions are caused due to transportation, out of which road transport is responsible for a major portion of those emissions. In order to curb such toxic emanations, environmental friendly buses have been launched. These are capable of reducing millions of tons of carbon dioxide emissions.

But now, an all new segment of environment friendly buses is here to change the face of public transport in India. Tata Motors has taken up the initiative of launching greener transport solutions for the masses. In a metro city like Mumbai, the level of pollution is ever increasing. To benefit the citizens in the transportation realm, 25 new Tata Starbus Hybrid Diesel-Electric Buses were delivered to MMRDA (Mumbai Metropolitan Region Development Authority) in the presence of Mr. Anant Geete, Union Minister of Heavy Industry and Public Sector Enterprises. The Starbus Hybrid is a 12m long bus featuring a diesel/electric hybrid configuration that reduces a considerable amount of carbon dioxide emissions.

Hydrogen Fuel Cell powered buses

Another remarkable innovation by Tata Motors is India's first-ever hydrogen fuel cell powered bus that is three times more efficient than a traditional combustion engine. Supporting the 'Make in India' initiative Tata Motors endeavors to introduce many more "eco-friendly" vehicles for mass transportation.

In January 2018, Tata Motors for the first time launched the Starbus Electric 9m, Starbus Electric 12m and the Starbus Hybrid 12m range of buses which are powered by alternative fuels and made in India.

The "fuel cell powered" system is like a battery that requires no charging. Electricity and water are generated as long as the fuel - hydrogen and oxygen, are supplied to it. Hydrogen powered Tata Starbus fuel cell bus has been developed in partnership with ISRO (Indian Space Research Organisation).

Buses of the future

It is a great invention for metro cities as it is one of its kind no noise and no pollution public transportation. The buses are also high tech and extremely futuristic to look at, making them popular among passengers.

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